I moved!

I’ve moved over to wordpress! I felt a bit bad about leaving my previous blog site since my husband put it together for me. But with his blessing he agreed that the website is better suited for…well…a website. I have been trying to focus down what I want to focus on in my life. And as I’ve gotten older I realize that focus is a necessary thing because as my life span winds down there is only so much I can accomplish. So I want to make what I do count…and have fun along the way!

The blog will still be about motherhood, bible study, crafting, movie reviews and whatever I feel like that day I need to talk about. I hope that as I go on this journey of discovering who I am in Christ that someone along the way will be encouraged. After all that’s what I love about blogs! It’s a window into someone’s life, a journal of growth on some level. We see that we as women struggle with similar things, as well as accomplish extraordinary things. Since I am an actor it’s very important for me to know myself, accept myself and know how I want to portray myself. Sounds self-centered right? Well the life of an actor is a lot about observing the human psyche. And since I live with myself, I get observed the most! But I’m praying this year that I’ll have more confidence, more faith and more courage to go after what I want in life. To be the woman God made me to be and not be afraid of what others think. But that NEVER happens, Dija! You might be exclaiming. Well maybe I’ll get a tad bit closer this year.


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