What is Easter about?

Man what a week I had last week! Leading up to Easter Weekend was like driving up to a car crash and realizing that it’s worse than what it looked like from the road…and then realizing that the paramedics had it all under control and everyone was alive.

Easter weekend is my favorite holiday. Growing up my mom had the house spic and span, our easter dresses prepared and later on in life we got easter baskets. I wanted this Easter to be special for my children as well. Except I was so tired from rehearsals and filming the documentary and rehearsing for the Easter Sunday dance I was teaching that nothing was going as planned. All of this left my house in a chaotic mess with laundry filling up our room and cooking barely being done for Easter dinner. I spent free minutes here and there finding dresses, shoes, etc for the kids and just when I was going to make my 3rd attempt at going to Joannes fabrics for material for the dance scarves, my daughter fell in Costco, busted her lip and chipped her tooth. So we spent the rest of the afternoon in the ER. I was feeling really overwhelmed at this point because in addition to these emergency, one of my dancers had a “teen” moment causing me to have to “act like an adult” earlier in the week. I also found out that my one of my cousin’s had been attacked (he’s okay now thank God), and we had a full day of shooting planned for Saturday and to top it all off I forgot to get my own dance skirt for the dance. And most importantly my daughter…well most of you parents probably understand the pain of seeing your kid after a busted lip.

But I learned something that Sunday as I sat down after the dancing during service. While I was worried about making Easter perfect He was allowing things to spin so out of control that I couldn’t do things all on my own. The shoot on Saturday some how worked out amidst the chaos of coordinating actors and their schedules, one lady in the church helped make the scarves at the last minute, another lady picked up my dance skirt, the dance store “accidentally”  ordered an extra sash which was perfect, Sunday my mother in law brought loads of delicious food left over from her gala, and my daughter by God’s grace was healing very quickly.

Easter is about Jesus and celebrating His victory over death, not about me, a dance, Easter dinner, or even family. It’s about focusing on Jesus. I saw how through His death and the resulting indwelling of His Spirit the body can work together to fill a need, make a dance work out, and create a lovely dinner from leftovers. Praise God for His mercy and His grace and His ultimate sacrifice for us.


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