The Social Network and Networking

Last night I watched the Social Network about how Facebook got started. It was started by a brilliant  Harvard college student who changed the face of social media. At the end of the movie I kept thinking that I hope one day  I’ll make a great contribution to society or art. In the back of my mind I was thinking “what about the three little contributions you’re making to the world with your kids?”. I wanted to ignore that little thought because mother hood is only part of who I am. It’s  actually a huge part. But  I’m also and actor and an artist and I’m actually a better mother when I have a chance to express myself that way.

Today I searched and searched online for a group to connect with that was made up of moms…who are actors. But all the sites I found were for mom’s who want their kids to be actors not for moms who are actors themselves trying to create work for themselves. It made me feel…old. Like my time was up and I’m supposed to focus on living through my children and turn them into ACT-ORS!  It’s really frustrating! I searched on youtube to see if I could find other mothers who did comedy similar to mine…nada. It was either mom vlogs about “being a mom” or…video taped stand up comedy routines. I searched: “mom vlogs”, “mom comedy”, “mom’s who act”. Somebody throw me a bone! What other searches can I do?

On one hand I felt excited that what I do as an actor and a mom might possibly be unique on youtube but on the other hand that means I have to forge the waters myself and figure out what the heck I’m doing with no precedent. But I know that there are other moms out there who are like me. Christian, acts, loves to make people laugh, loves to create their own work, edits video, writes…? Anyone?

I guess the other thing I could do is keep on keeping on and hope that someone finds me. Someone who is searching for encouragement in pursuit of this odd career we call acting.

Thanks for reading!


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