What a week!

Last week I spent a few days in the hospital with my second child because of her asthma. It started out as a little cold and turned into something scary. We went in to the hospital on Wednesday morning at 1:30am and didn’t get home until Thursday afternoon. I thought she would get a breathing treatment of albuterol and then be sent home like before. But I began to suspect it was worse when the doctor who was very sweet, looked back one last time before she left the room with a furrowed brow. After that we were moved to a room by the nurses station in the ER for for continuous treatments of albuterol, steroids and heart monitoring to determine if she needed to go to the ICU. I was worried but for some reason I wasn’t anxious. I know that the Holy Spirit was with us, keeping me calm. I am grateful for Riley Children’s Hospital being right here close to us. I don’t take my kids anywhere else for their numerous medical needs. However, each update concerning my daughter’s condition was a surprise. They determined she did not need to go the ICU but had to stay for two more days for observation and more treatments. WHAT? By the next day exhaustion wasn’t the right word to describe me…probably delirious would be better. She slowly got better and I could tell that she was enjoying all of the attention. The rooms were brand new and we were able to enjoy movies on the flat screen and even attempted the Wii! I took a class on asthma and learned a lot. I have lived my whole life with this disease and never learned the basics of how it’s treated. Now we have an asthma plan for the next time it’s triggered as well as preventative steps to take.

I feel a little guilty that I miss being in the hospital where nurses kept coming in to ask me if I wanted anything to drink or eat. They wanted to know if they could get me a coffee or a soda or a DVD. They administered Selah’s medications and escorted us every where in the hospital for tests. Not to mention room service! It was nice but it’s nice to be home as well.

I hope you all had a wonderful mother’s day!

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