Cloudy days

Today is a cloudy day. When I look forward to what I hope for in life it looks cloudy some days and some days it looks very clear. That sounds weird doesn’t it? Maybe it just sounds weird to me because I don’t hear other people say that often. I have clear moments like when I see a movie and I think about how much I hope to make movies one day. But other days when I have to do the work to make contacts, network, and share my passion with others I begin to get clouded when things don’t pan out how I want them to. I honestly feel as though I have a lot of potential things happening but nothing that makes me feel like I’m succeeding at my dream. Especially since I know in my heart that God is working through all of this to create in me the character that He wants to develop. But there are days when I wonder when are the seeds I’m planting going to grow? When will people find my videos on youtube and like them because I really enjoy making them. Transparency is a theme that keeps coming up for me. How transparent do I want to be on the internet? I think to myself that I want to be able to really connect with others and be an encouragement to others but how can I do that if I just share all the good stuff? What about the cloudy days when things aren’t so clear and discouragement tries to set it. Those are the times that make the clear days brighter, right? I am grateful for the Holy Spirit on days like this because there is no way that I can stay down for long. He reminds me of God’s Word and His promises and I feel convicted about allowing discouragement to cause me to forget all the good that God has blessed me with. But I realize that God knows we humans have feelings that need to be expressed but as David wrote the psalms to express his hurt, fear, depression he also rejoiced in God’s promises at the end of his lament. And I will do the same for the good work that He has started in me (and you) He will surely bring to completion (Philippians 1:6).


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