Life’s goodness

The past few weeks have been a fantastic blur full of life transitions, tears and laughter. What could elicit so many emotions you might ask? Well let me give you some background. Like many families we grew up close knit and then life happened. We ended up separated for various reasons mostly school, marriage, jobs, etc. My sister and brother and myself are very close now but at one point we were so involved in our own life experiences that we began to drift apart. I prayed many times for our family to become closer and slowly we have through God’s grace. So back to the past few weeks which started with a trip to Chicago to see my younger sister graduate from Rosalyn Franklin’s Podiatry School and become a DOCTOR. This started the roller coaster ride of family events. After the ceremony my parents took us around Chicago and showed us where they met, where they worked, lived and started a family. We walked through the halls that my sister was born and luckily I had my video gear and was able to catch interviews with my parents on camera! This was a wonderful family memory. The following week we were together again to celebrate my sister’s marriage to a wonderful man. I was the matron of honor and enjoyed my duties immensely. This was my little sister of course!  The wedding went off without a hitch thankfully! The days leading up to the outdoor nuptuals were filled with thunderstorms and rain so when the sun broke through a few hours before the wedding I felt God’s hand upon the day! I cried when I helped my sister with her veil and I cried when she left with her new husband a few days later to start her residency in New York. This was the girl that I dreamed up expansive plots for our cabbage patch dolls to experience and now she was off on her next adventure in life. At least their will be a couch I can crash on whenever I make it out to New York for an audition or too (I hope!). Meanwhile I pray that she and her new husband are blessed, happy and ready to ride their own super exciting roller coaster we call marriage.



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