Renewed Energy

Today I woke up with renewed energy. I even made it to the gym for 30 minutes while it was raining outside (high five)! I began viewing one of our final edits for our documentary and was very pleased. Okay it wasn’t just an “I am pleased” feeling, I was actually fighting back tears at one point just thinking about all of the work that went into filming this piece. God is good. I even got a phone call from an old director and it was encouraging to hear all of the good things that were happening for him. He lives in the midwest as well so it gave me hope to hear that good news in entertainment CAN happen here. One of the biggest things that settled me was after I expressed my frustration that many lead roles in movies are not filled by women of color. But my ex-director reminded me that “that’s how it is sometimes”.  Sometimes hearing the truth and accepting it is the first step in overcoming and obstacle. A sense of peace settled over me as I said I accepted this truth. Although the world is full of people of color it is not reflected in mainstream film. But I know that’s my cal. To create films that have an array of color and subjects in them. I keep finding myself falling into producing roles. Maybe I need to embrace that.


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