A lesson from Nehemiah and a nail and a tire…

A few weeks ago my tire blew out for the first time, on the highway, with my kids in the car, during rush hour. In the spirit of learning to stay calm and look to God for the lesson of the day I tried desperately to find something to learn from this potentially frustrating experience. After much thought, I couldn’t find the lesson in all of this…until a few days went by. Isn’t that how it goes sometimes? The lesson of a life experience doesn’t come to you until a few days or even years after the event? Well here’s what I learned. I hope that you are encouraged!

2 thoughts on “A lesson from Nehemiah and a nail and a tire…

  1. Thanks for posting. This is actually what Zach and I have been reading for our evening devotions together. We just hit Nem. 4 tonight and it was good timing. As you know, those nails come by the bucketful when doing ministry. I think of them like the flaming arrows in Eph. 6…so the key is to just keep moving (or rolling) with your shield of faith firmly in place. Nem. knew that God gave Him favor to accomplish rebuilding the wall…and we are promised the same when we doing God’s will for our lives. Nem. is fasinatinating as a study in leadership…God is teaching us so much!

  2. I’m glad that it was helpful to you! This was actually third or fourth time I recorded this video! I knew I had to keep trying to record even though technology was messing up. I really felt that since I was encouraged by Nehemiah’s story that someone else might be too!

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