How to get your “Joy” on

Wow. It’s been a while since my last post. But it’s not completely due to being busy or tired. I was having a fair amount of technical issues…mainly my hard drive crashed. It was a very stressful time while I used whatever power my computer could muster to save photos and videos and, well, many important family memories. But thank God most everything was saved onto another external drive and life goes on in the blogosphere!

During my accidental hiatus from wordpress I have had a lot of time to think and meditate on God’s word. I am still plugging away at Beth Moore’s study living beyond yourself where we dive into the fruits of the spirit. My last study was on Joy. I wasn’t sure what to expect to study but I sure didn’t expect to go back to the basic gospel of God’s salvation. But that is exactly what Beth had us do. She had us look back at the origination of God’s salvation which is from God Himself. And to look at what we do to receive His salvation-NOTHING. We answered the questions like when did God write your name in the book of life?-BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE WORLD! As I was reading over and over again about how I had nothing to do with my salvation, about how God gave it to us through His son Jesus Christ and how it was already set before the foundation of the earth…well I was just in AWE of God’s grace and mercy. Because I KNOW I don’t deserve any of that goodness! Even though I have been a Christian for a long time and have heard the gospel message several times it is such a freeing thing to meditate on what Jesus has done for us. Look at it this way, when you die and it’s time to be judged you will not be judged by your own work but by the PERFECT ATONING work of JESUS CHRIST!! His death burial and resurrection. We have a living saviour who even death could not hold. Isn’t that something to be joyful about? OH YEAH!!! So the times when I start to get frustrated, upset, worried or anxious about what I’m doing on this earth right now I’ve been able to stop and smile. I think about the work that has already been done. How God already knows where He wants me, and what He wants me to do. And He really doesn’t want us to worry (Matthew 6:25). He’s taken care of it all, He covered our sins from the past, the present and the future for all time and for all people!! WOOHOOO! I’m excited just writing this!

So today if you are going through some rough times stop and think about what God has done for us. It IS DONE and nothing anyone says or does can change that. You will pass through this storm and most likely go through another one but keep your mind on the hope we have in Christ not on your present problems. NOW THAT’S SOMETHING TO BE JOYFUL ABOUT!!


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