Happy December…I suck!

I was thinking…I’m glad that God doesn’t act like a tired, overwhelmed mother. He is patient and kind. He wants us to bring Him our troubles. 1 Peter 5:7 encourages us to cast our cares upon Him for He cares for us. Here is a little video I made for you.

One thought on “Happy December…I suck!

  1. Dija,

    Yes, I, too. am glad God does not throw things back at me in irritation. If you’ll allow me to move into a related tangent though: It does help to acknowledge He does set standards (laws) and that they matter. For example, keeping the Law of Gravity in mind is necessary. Not facing that fact has consequences. As mothers, we help our kids (and ourselves) when the boundaries are clear–and we all believe them. My kids could tell when I meant them and when I did not. (Their actions often were my first alert that I was not serious. I may have been frustrated, but was not yet serious about following through with consequences.)

    Later I learned to handle more of those “rules”–like respecting what I asked them to do or not to do,–with less personal emotion. It’s not an emotion-laden event when I drive on the road (rules) and do not get to drive through my neighbor’s yard. It is simply best for all of us and my car. Dialing in the correct code for some digital thingamajig is not about emotion. It’s just a fact that I have to punch in the correct details. In like manner, many daily “dramas” can disappear when kids know this is how it works. Period. No emotion. No anger. Just a fact.

    Will children test your resolve? Sure! I know I regularly checked out if my mother meant what she said. I guess it made me feel safe. Who knows? But it does seem to be human nature. Once I knew that such-and-such was the rule, I moved on to more valuable pursuits like music and art. I started living when I knew the “framework” was stable.

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