Lord, break my “J”

I have recently been very interested in personality types since starting my work with Impact. I am fascinated by how God has created and orchestrated characterstics in different personality types to complement one another to get work done and make life more…interesting! Seriously, it’s been awesome. My husband and I have been discussing our differences and studying up on our personality types just to get to know one another better. Some summaries on the web are at best okay while others do a great job of going into detail. Of course they do not take into account spirituality and the fact that we really do not fit into one box. We also change and adapt as we grow older and although we might have natural tendancies we may have learned to compensate for those weaknesses through experience. Overall my personality type is pretty on point for a traditional INFJ. It’s full of contradictions, intuition and passion. One contradiction that I do fall into is  that I am introverted intuition with extroverted feelings. Therefore when I’m excited or passionate about something I will behave like an extrovert but when I withdraw and act like an introvert or process quietly like an introvert it can throw people off.

I think recently the judgment (J) part of my personality has been challenged. I don’t like open ended conclusions at all. I like to have structure and a plan and when those are not there I get stressed. However, when working in ministry you MUST learn to be flexible. Plans are good but ultimately God decides what’s going down and what’s going away!  So in light of all this I’ve asked God to break my “J” and cause me to submit peacefully to the unknown…because HE knows it! Being a volunteer has taught me to be flexible and go with the flow. It’s been hard but rewarding. It’s my first day and God has already done some amazing things in my day! I will be sharing more later so please check back!


God Bless!


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