Flower Head band Tutorial

Found this head band tutorial and thought it was soo cute! I have to try it!
Found it here at whollykao.com


A couple weeks ago, I posted about the jumper and headband I made for my niece Emmy. I promised to post a tutorial on how to make the headband…and here it is! The headband took me 15 minutes to make, and is a great way to use up scraps of fabric. Need an idea for a stocking stuffer? This could be it! After all, Christmas is coming soon. Time to get crafting!

Flower Headband Tutorial
What you need:

I used scraps of fabric to make my headband. The flower petal (bottom) ended up being 2-inches in diameter; the flower center was 1-inch.


Iron the fabric for the flower petal (bottom) to the fusible interfacing. Then, stack it on top of the felt. Trace a circle onto the fabric, then cut the circle out.
Do the same for the flower center piece (iron the interfacing on, trace and cut…

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