Pain and Promises












The thing about pain is that it lets us know that something is wrong. We look at it as a bad thing because it hurts and can seem to take over your life. Sometimes it’s a necessary thing in order to grow. When we workout we build muscle by actually tearing it. When it heals your muscles repair and become stronger. In child birth the pain is extreme but in the end we get life. Jesus took immense pain on our behalf both physically and spiritually but when it was over the greatest gift ever had been given to humanity. Pain is a part of life. In our modern times we have so many ways to avoid dealing with our pain by tv, digital devices, entertainment, drug or alcohol abuse or just becoming obsessed with little things. But avoidance of pain doesn’t make it go away. It can make it worse. However when you are experiencing pain this is the time to hold on to God’s promises for our lives. In the end our faith will grow and our relationship with God will only deepen. Pain causes us to look upon the faithfulness of God and remember that we need Him. Sometimes it takes the wind of the storm to push us back against the rock for support. You are not alone He is there. He said He will never leave you or forsake you. And that’s a promise.

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