The Bird Outside My Window

“I can distinctly remember two nights ago when the sound of wings flapping against my window pane awoke me from a deepened sleep. It sounded like a mini helicopter took its landing on my window seal. Startled, I arose from my state of pre-comatose, loosened the hinges and elevated the window to reveal a bird with his eyes filled with tears.”

This is an excerpt from The Bird Outside My Window written by Mr. Tim Swain. It is the “kids book for grown-ups” according to Mr. Tim Swain. Upon first receiving my copy from Mr. Swain himself I was awestruck at the beautiful illustrations presented in the book done by Michael Scheel. And was ultimately drawn into the story with the beautiful language Swain uses to portray an updated and relevant take on the ugly duckling tale.  I LOVED it!! I love the simplicity in which the message is relayed because it resonated with the child within me. I believe we all have that place within us that responds to those simple universal struggles of every human being. Am I beautiful? Am I loved? Does anyone care? The Bird Outside My Window will leave you encouraged and uplifted.

This book is great for adults and children alike. It provides a wonderful conversation starter for those young ones you care about. I encourage you to check this book out! You can purchase the ebook at and discover more about this talented author, speaker and social activist at

Mr. Tim Swain is currently a full time missionary with Impact Music and Arts in Indianapolis IN.

Have a wonderful day!

God Bless

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