Sweatpants High Heels and laughter

Last night was our second showing of Sweatpants and High Heels (by Dija Henry and Denise Warnsby  and directed by Densie Warnsby)  at the 2012 Divafest! We had a wonderful turnout! What I love about doing theater is that every night is a different experience with the same show. The audiences are different every night. They laugh in different places and make the experience fresh for the performance as well. I was so tired yesterday and was a little worried about my energy levels and reached out for prayer. I really believe that prayer works because once I was on stage I had the energy needed to get through the show and enjoy myself on top of it!! I was really blessed at the responses from the show and wanted to share.

Several mothers told me that they felt like the show told the struggles of motherhood with an honest and real presentation. They told me that they were close to tears at different points of the play and said they were able to relate to the story and the struggles of the character. A man said that he really needed to laugh that day and that he had been going through a really hard time. After the show he felt uplifted and his wife told me how he never usually laughs but was laughing last night. 

What’s really exciting is that these are things that my director and I prayed would happen with the show. God is good. Even our single friends were able to take something away from the play. If you are thinking of coming and wondering if it’s for you if you are not a parent, or married there is something for you! We have one more show tomorrow at 7:30pm. Here are our promo videos. Please feel free to share!



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