Be careful what you eat

This morning I opened my email and received a link to this video from a friend. Because of my children’s numerous and severe food allergies and eczema we have had to pay close attention to the food that we eat. We have struggled for years trying to discern information from traditional doctors, alternative methods of healing, nutritional therapy, etc to work on helping my kids stay healthy and to clear up their severe eczema. We have found that the main thing that has helped us is to look at the food we are eating. We try to buy as much organic as we can afford, avoid eating fast food as much as possible (very hard in our modern world) and pick a diet that focuses on getting nutrients from food rather than just vitamins (although we do take multivitamins too we just don’t rely solely on them for missed nutrients.)

If you are curious about our food supply in America this video is very informative! I was surprised to learn that other countries will not accept food from the US because they do not feel that it is safe. In fact she names different companies that alter their ingredients to fit the demand overseas to have less pesticides and genetically modified foods in their stores! The video is 18 minutes long but well worth it. The presenter is a mother who used her background as an analyst with the FDA to uncover information to share with us. Please share your comments. I think this is a very important subject to discuss.

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