I wanna make movies!!

I want to make movies so much! I’ve wanted to since I was a little girl. The first movie I ever saw in the theaters was Dick Tracy. It was weird, colorful, full of symbolism. But I remember the New York skyline in the opening sequence the most. I remember being transported at that moment into another world. That’s what I wanted to do for others who watch my movies. Take them to another place, help them relate to the characters or see themselves in another character. That’s why I love acting so much. I think it’s cathartic to take a character and bring it to life in such a way that it touches the audience…or even one person in the audience. Good movies inspire, uplift, create awareness, start conversations, or help people to even deal with their own hidden questions about life. I have to admit sometimes I love a good chic flick (the notebook; crazy, stupid, love; clueless…and yes high school musical 3), I watch teeny boppers, and disney films, dreamworks and pixar movies are on my list as well. Why am I writing this? I have no idea except to say that if you end up watching a movie sometime in the near future will you say a little prayer for a little unknown wannabe filmmaker to one day reach her dreams?

What are some of your dreams? Will you share them with others to hold up in prayer for you.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your hearts.”

-Psalm 37:4


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