You are Strong!

This morning I told my son to change out of his pi’s into some play clothes only to be met with some whining while he was tugging “helplessly” on his sleeve. I asked him what was wrong and he replied “my sleeve is wet. I can’t pull it off”.

When I’m in my impatient-I’m-trying-to-get-things-done-around-the-house-so-I-can-have-some-time-to-myself mode I will most likely just do it for him. Since the kids have just come back from a week with grandparents I felt fresh and renewed this morning to deal with the whining (I bet that’ll be gone by the time the rest are home from school.) So I told him to try and do it himself and tell himself that he is strong. I kind of threw it out there not really thinking if he would obey me or not. I figured I’d be back in a few minutes helping him. As I went back to picking up I heard a loud grunt and then “I AM STRONG!” a minute later my son emerged from his room triumphant and dressed for the day. “Look mommy! I did it!” he exclaimed. Of course I told him he did a great job…but not to flamboyantly less he lose interest in his victory too  quickly. I’m learning boys handle praise a little differently than girls. But I digress…

I was really touched that my son took heed to my words, believed them, applied them, and walked out in victory. It made me realize that I don’t do that with God’s Word all the time. He gave us His powerful word to use in our life and it just sits there on our bedside table, in our purse from last Sunday, or in the backseat of our cars. Or if you do read then maybe you haven’t held on to the word and believed it for yourself. I know I’ve been guilty of the former and the latter. I wonder if that’s how God wants us to apply His word. Like a child. I hear it (or read it), believe it, apply it and see it manifest itself amazingly.

Joshua 1 is my life verse and God repeatedly tells Joshua to be strong and courageous and that He will be with Joshua and never leave him. In the bible if God repeats something that means He is trying to get it through the listeners head. It’s like an exclamation point and the end of a sentence. What would happen if we did what God said in His word? Just believed it like a child would? I bet all around the world at different times of the day we would hear random grunts and then the battle cry of “I AM COURAGEOUS!” or “God is with me. I WILL NOT FEAR!”…because God said so.

Today as you go about your daily struggles and the burden gets heavy and causes you to grunt with exertion. Say out loud to yourself what God said in His word. Believe it, apply it, and let it manifest how God wants it too.

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