New Beginnings


I know that it happens to every blogger, vlogger, onliner eventually. The moment when their life gets so chaotic that they “disappear” for a while and then “reappear” with some sort of excuse as to why they haven’t blogged or vlogged, or online something in a while. Well it has happened to me. These past few months have been catch and go with doing things Inspired related. If you have been following my blogs you know that hubby has been sick for a few months going  in and out of the hospital. To add to that, we have had to move his office home to save money, time and to make things easier for him to work and… not work as well. Meaning take time to relax and do the things he loves like producing music and studying the WORD.

So we have been converting our garage into an office for almost a month now. This has consisted of cleaning out the other office, finishing the garage, moving stuff to our garage, giving away things, selling stuff, buying stuff, moving stuff and organizing stuff. Of course since we were moving stuff out of the house into the garage I got this great idea in my head that I would just start spring cleaning and switch out winter for spring/summer wardrobes, as rearrange my living room! I think my Type A personality went a little buck wild for a moment! Ha! It was all good. I’m most excited that I have a real crafting area now! Not just a little corner in the kitchen with a smidget of counter space and a few cabinets. Instead of stuff being spread all over the house, it’s all in one place! Yippee!

With all of the changes and what not I have to seriously think about how I can help out the family financially. To tell you the truth I’m excited about doing some of the things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Seeing that I could contribute to the family income is a great motivation for me. So I will be starting an Etsy Store as well as trying to be more wise and purposeful…and consistent with online stuff like youtube and blogging. (I have said “stuff” like 8 times in this post!)

I will post pics of the garage and my crafting space when it’s finished and let you all know about when the Etsy Store opens (so excited!)

Have a great weekend and God Bless.

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