Battle Wounds and Story telling.

Last week I met a 53 year old man at the YMCA who had a major testimony. He had put six kids through college (the last one is still in college), had only an 8th grade education, had been shot, sent to prison, stabbed and pushed out of a building 27 floors! He was married to a wonderful woman today and was still smiling. I had never met him before but he readily shared his testimony and love for God with me. It was such an encouragement and blessing to me. I was having a pretty good day that day and wasn’t expecting for the words of this stranger to impact me so much. He spoke of the battle wounds (scars) that God had allowed him to receive from his life’s journey so that he could be more effective in reaching young people for Christ. He doesn’t just talk about  what he’s been through but he shows them his scars and tells them where living an unfruitful life can lead.

That got me thinking about battle wounds and story telling. Jesus showed Thomas His wounds in His hands and His side for Thomas to believe. Many times in our modern culture we don’t have a lot of external scars to show but they are still there in our minds and hearts. When Jesus comes into the picture He heals our wounds but we don’t forget what happened. Our scars and our history still exists. They make us who we are.

Many times we go around hiding our scars from the world not sharing our hurts and disappointments or life lessons with others. Everyone has something inside of them to share with others and lift someone else up. When we tell our story with battle wounds and all we have a chance to help some one else and lift them up. We as believers can all minister into the lives of those around us if we open up and stop hiding our scars.

Ask God for the courage to be transparent and the wisdom to share with people in the right time and circumstance your personal story of how Jesus touched and healed your battle wounds.

God Bless

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