Leap of Faith


I had to take a leap of faith the other day.

I’ve had the great honor of having one of my plays produced by the Impact Movement here in Indianapolis. I’ve been volunteering there for a year to help with the Impact Theater Summer Mission Project and get it onto it’s feet. I’ve been very reluctant to take on anything but Technical Director and just stay in the back ground. This is the first time that I’ve had a chance to work with a team in this respect and it seems like all of my fears and doubts seemed to surface all at the same time. Fear of being able to do the job well, fear that I’ll get to busy and things will get too out of balance with family, fear that I’ll fail. I didn’t realize that all of those fears were translating to other team members and causing others to feel unsure. Wow did I get a lesson on leadership. The Director of the Program spoke words of wisdom and encouragement to me. I realized at that moment that God was actually answering a prayer for me. I had prayed to be part of a team with like-minded people, a chance to gain leadership skills and have someone pour into me so that I could build character, and develop as a better communicator. It was right in front of me and I had been shying away from it all. So I took a leap of faith and said yes to something I had been afraid of doing.

I guess when you take a leap of faith you can only praise God when you land back on your feet. I look forward to sharing with what happens later on this summer!

Have a blessed day!


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