Bust that stress…calmly.

I’ve been going to a chiropractor for pain and found out that I had a few other things going on. I knew that my energy level had been really low. It was so low that it was barely at a 10 on in his machine-y thing when it should have been at least 50. I have been taking supplements, drinking more water, and trying to eat more. To be honest I started to get back into my old habit of not eating regularly. Not a good idea. Especially for you moms out there (shaking finger side to side with other hand on hip)! We know better but so often we just forget with the busy-ness of the day.

Anyways, I’ve had chronic pain in my neck, upper back and shoulders since I was a 13 year old gymnast. It’s a daily challenge to get through but I notice when I’m stressed it gets really bad. Like I want to cry and curl up in an incubator type of hurt. After the doctor proceeded to put my neck bones back in place I asked him what I could do to avoid this atrocity of out of neck bone-ness. I fully expected him to say: fix your posture, don’t sit at the computer, do yoga. But instead he talked about stress, prayer, meditation, diet, and supplements. He said since our bodies are electrical (that’s proven) that when we get stressed everything “short-circuits”.


So it is in fact important  that I talk time for myself daily to get rebalanced?


I guess I needed permission in some little kid way to do what I instinctively know that I need. So I’m telling all you women out there to do the same! It’s necessary for your well being and for the well being of those you care about. Your kids feed off of your energy, attitude, and emotions. The calmer we are the calmer they are. (Except if they are sneaking lot’s of sugar that’s on them.)

So please take some time today and BREATHE for 15 minutes. Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to get it.

God Bless

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