Saying no is so hard to do

We’ve all been there. We say yes because we’re afraid to say no. We say yes because our intentions may be good but our schedules are totally full. If we dig a little deeper into the reasons we say yes so much we might discover some interesting things within ourselves. It might be notoriety, a hope for an opportunity, or because we want to please people.

Recently, I’ve had to re-examine some things in my life concerning things I commit to. I have a passionate personality that desires to be part of something big and inspiring. When I meet someone or come into contact with a mission or cause that inspires me I tend to jump in 110% no holds bar simply because I’m passionate about it. But over commitment with payoff that seems less than expected can and has left me angry, and hurt. I have to work hard to forgive and move forward. Picking up my heart on the way.

Noble as that sounds I know that’s not the whole truth. Sometimes I think that there is a personal opportunity that may open up if I give a little more, if I show my dedication, if I over deliver. But in the end it’s not worth throwing priorities out of whack, pushing my relationship with my spouse aside, or being so over committed I start being a “snappy parent.”

Even worse, saying yes to everyone else means they get the time you could have allotted for yourself, your family, investing in your dreams. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to help out at church, friends, etc. But I believe that most of you reading this have experienced being overwhelmed with commitments that resulted in a fear of saying “no”.

I just read a lovely article in which the title sums every thing up: Saying No to Others is Saying YES to yourself.

This article is written by Jack Canfield the originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

I hope you enjoy this article and get an opportunity to say “yes to yourself today.”

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