Healthy Picnic food

We finally took our traditionally trip out to the lake! This year we went to northern Indiana. Would you believe you can find white sandy beaches in the midwest? I didn’t realize that I could have driven only 1.5 hours away from my alma mater (Purdue University) and relaxed on the beach. Embarrassingly obvious I know but not being from Indiana I was at a disadvantage with certain things. Nonetheless, we have discovered several beaches around Michigan and Indiana that are quite lovely.

Did I mention our vacation lasted only 8 hours? Since we are on a tight (super tight creating a muffin top) budget we decided that a one day trek would be easy on  our wallets but satisfying to the kiddos. We were right. It was relaxing but we were all ready to go home by the time the life guards got off duty that evening.

The only stressful part was what to bring for snacks? My kids and hubby have restricted diets so it was challenging. This is what I came up with:

I finally had a chance to try this idea from Pinterest. Let me tell you IT REALLY WORKS! That spinach was crisp and cold.

This chicken took a little finagling. I didn’t want to use mayonnaise because we had a 2 hour trip and more importantly my kids have egg allergies. Most of the picnic chicken recipes I found were for fried chicken but I wanted something healthier. So I came up with this:

cut up chicken from Costco rotisserie chicken

ever so slightly brown it in some olive oil and 2 tsp of curry powder

take the chicken out of the pot and in a bowl…

add a cup of grapes sliced in half

Slice and dice a small apple

mix together and voila! After a few hours in the cooler everything melded nicely together and no worries of rotten mayonnaise.

(by the way we had PLENTY of ice in the cooler. It was still cold at the beach)

Other snacks included water, Annie’s individually packaged snack crackers, grapes, apples, tortilla chips

Hope you have a blessed one!

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