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Hi my name is Dija. I started blogging in 2009 as an outlet to share about my life journey. I am an actor, filmmaker, and dancer. Along with my husband we are 2/5ths of the teen ministry team at my church!  In my spare time I love to be crafty around my house, watch movies and make youtube videos. I enjoy time with my children and teaching them how to be creative. My children teach me lessons every day. In this blog I hope to share creative ideas that are practical for a small budget and small spaces…for real. I also hope to share life lessons God teaches me through my most important role of all…motherhood.


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In 2009 my husband gave me two powerful gifts. A Mac and a flip cam. And thus I jumped into youtube for a creative outlet. It really helped my insanity…or fed it. Either way you can check them out at youtube.com/dijahenry

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Hope to connect with you soon!