How to make a DIY Relaxation Gift Basket

This tutorial combines so many of my obsessions. Mason Jars, DIY beauty products, pretty desserts, candles and handmade gift giving!

This gift basket includes a Sugar Scrub, Red Velvet cupcake dessert, a little ambiance and some entertainment!

I was in a silly mood and made two videos. One that is a skit inspired by the gift basket and the other is an actual tutorial for the basket! I hope you likey!



Sugar Scrub:

organic cane sugar
coconut oil
2 tbsp olive oil
mason jar

Red Velvet Cupcakes made from a box mix
Betty Crocker Buttercream icing
mason jar

Electric tea light (Target)
Mason Jar

Basket (dollar Store)
Burlap scraps (Joanne’s Fabric)
The Devil Wears Prada DVD (Target $5.00)
Raffia (Joanne’s Fabric)
Tags (scrapbook paper)


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How to make a Burlap Wreath for Fall

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We’ll connect next week! Blessings.