Momtube Review: The Mom’s View

It’s time for another review of a youtube channel run by a mom. But in this case I picked a channel that is run by several mothers! It’s called The Mom’s View. Here you will find everything from beauty fashion, exercise, parenting and much more!

Lord, break my “J”

I have recently been very interested in personality types since starting my work with Impact. I am fascinated by how God has created and orchestrated characterstics in different personality types to complement one another to get work done and make life more…interesting! Seriously, it’s been awesome. My husband and I have been discussing our differences and studying up on our personality types just to get to know one another better. Some summaries on the web are at best okay while others do a great job of going into detail. Of course they do not take into account spirituality and the fact that we really do not fit into one box. We also change and adapt as we grow older and although we might have natural tendancies we may have learned to compensate for those weaknesses through experience. Overall my personality type is pretty on point for a traditional INFJ. It’s full of contradictions, intuition and passion. One contradiction that I do fall into is  that I am introverted intuition with extroverted feelings. Therefore when I’m excited or passionate about something I will behave like an extrovert but when I withdraw and act like an introvert or process quietly like an introvert it can throw people off.

I think recently the judgment (J) part of my personality has been challenged. I don’t like open ended conclusions at all. I like to have structure and a plan and when those are not there I get stressed. However, when working in ministry you MUST learn to be flexible. Plans are good but ultimately God decides what’s going down and what’s going away!  So in light of all this I’ve asked God to break my “J” and cause me to submit peacefully to the unknown…because HE knows it! Being a volunteer has taught me to be flexible and go with the flow. It’s been hard but rewarding. It’s my first day and God has already done some amazing things in my day! I will be sharing more later so please check back!


God Bless!

Are you teachable?


Last time we were together…here on the internet… we looked at humility. The next characteristic I studied today in Living Beyond Ourselves by Beth Moore was being teachable. In order to be teachable we need to be humble.

Many of us at times have tried to share advice or correction sincerely and genuinely only to be met with an “I know it all” attitude. I used to get angry when I was met with this attitude. But now I just understand that sometimes the timing for that individual is not right or they just do not have a teachable attitude.

Let’s look in the bible at what happens when people have teachable spirits.

Acts 18 talks about a couple named Aquila and Priscilla who were tentmakers from Italy. The Apostle Paul ended up connecting with this God-fearing couple and they worked together for some time since Paul was also a tentmaker by trade. No doubt during that time Paul was able to teach Aquila and Priscilla more about God as they spent time together working and living. Eventually Paul went on to Ephesus to  share the gospel with the gentiles. Soon after an Alexandrite named Apollos entered the city and the bible describes him as eloquent, mighty in the scriptures and had a fervent spirit (Acts 18:24). The couple heard him preaching in the synagogue and saw that he was doing well but needed to know more in order to grow in his ministry. So Priscilla and Aquila took him aside and taught him the way of God more accurately. Afterwards Apollos went on to become a greater speaker able to refute the Jews publicly. In the end some even equated him with Peter and Paul (found in 1 Corinthians 1:12).

This is a beautiful example of what happens when we are teachable. The disciples were able to teach Paul and Paul was able to teach Aquila and Priscilla and they were able to teach Apollos who was able to go on to teach many more. Do you see how God is able to multiply the ministry through teachable spirits? Each persons’ ministry was blessed through humility and receiving teaching in love.

I do believe that we can learn something from other saints in the body of Christ. That is the beauty of how God created us. We all have different gifts and different talents that are meant to edify the whole body and to minister to others. If Aquila and Priscilla acted jealous of Apollos ability to speak and lead and refused to teach they would have robbed many people of hearing the truth.

I liked how the bible notes that the couple took Apollos aside to teach him. They did not correct him in public in front of the one’s he was preaching to. They lovingly took him and poured into him so that he could flourish. There is always a larger purpose in learning and teaching when it comes to the things of God. There might be a young person out there who needs you to pour into them. Let us keep our eyes on Him and receive His teaching with a humble heart. God cam and wants to do more than we can imagine in our lives when we submit to what He wants to teach us!

Have a blessed day!

“Moving On” a dance-y story

Hi! I’m posting a video from my new channel on youtube. I thought it might be better to separate my crafty, mommy, day to day life stuff from my acting/performance stuff. Well I tried something new and experimented with an idea I had for this song that I love from Mandisa called “Say goodbye”. It talks about letting go and saying goodbye to the old person you were before Jesus came into your life and made you new. I hope that it brightens your day and encourages you like the song has done for me.

Meditation Fail

Do you ever get frustrated when you try to take some quiet time for yourself? I had a conversation with my father about taking time to be still and reflect on any aspect of God. Just myself and God. Not necessarily bible study or prayer per se…just quietly reflecting. I made a video about what I thought this attempt could look like for a mom. I was joking around here. I really do think this is an important skill to  cultivate. Enjoy!


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