Impact 11

Happy New Year!

I’m back from one of the most tiring but rewarding weeks of my life! From the 26th of December to January 3rd I spent with the Impact Ministry in New Orleans, LA. And wow!! What a city! Full of life and vibrancy, tradition and artistic expression! While New Orleans is a hopping city, the effects of Katrina are still evident in certain areas. With crumbling architecture and struggling youth. On the day of outreach we partnered with a local church to do an outdoor concert  coupled with sharing the gospel with the local community. All around us were young men mostly riding around off to do no good so we were told by the older community members. At one of the testimonials after the day of outreach a young lady shared how a young man she witnessed to decided not to shoot someone like he had originally planned after hearing the gospel! What I really appreciated was the fact that we partnered with a bible teaching church that we could send people to after we shared Jesus with them so they could continue to grow spiritually. This church was so gracious to support us and provide us with a delicious lunch of authentic red beans and rice!

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God has done so much in my life this week through the amazing speakers, seminars and relationships that I was able to build. He has taught me to let go and let Him work things out when I was feeling stressed. He has taught me to not look to others for validation of what I know He has called me in and also that together we can accomplish so much more than alone.

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