Roped to Unforgiveness (Get off my back!!)

Forgiveness is a huge topic in the bible. LIKE REALLY HUGE! In fact, it’s why Christ came-so we could be forgiven and come into relationship with God as His children.

I wanted to look at this topic because it’s something that I (and I’m sure many others) have to confront daily. Forgive the guy who cut you off on the highway, forgive the person who wronged you in the past, or forgive your spouse who did something to offend you…again. It’s a daily and continual issue that we must deal with.

In the book of Matthew (Matthew 18:15-35) Jesus tells the parable of the…let’s call him “TheUngratefulServantWhoCouldRepresentUsatAnytime”. There was once a servant who owed his master the millions of dollars. The master was going to sell everything he had including his family in order to pay the debt. But the servant begged for mercy and the master forgave him his debt. Later we see the servant go look for a fellow servant who owed him a few dollars and demanded his money. The second servant begged for mercy. The first servant forgot the mercy that was showed to him and had the second servant thrown into jail. The master of the first servant found out and threw him into prison to be tortured until the debt had been repaid…which would  have meant he would be tortured until death.

Looking at this parable it’s easy to see that the first servant was ungrateful and out of his mind for not showing the second servant mercy. But it can be us at any moment in time if we do not forgive others for offenses.

The greek word for forgiveness is aphiemi. It basically means walking around with the unforgiven one roped to your back. Why would anyone want to walk around with a body tied to their back? Or two or three or even a car load of unforgiven people? You see the unforgiveness will hurt you more than the other person. You will be broken down, tired, and unable to run the race of life effectively because you (or I) have a butt load of unforgivenss weighing you down.

Today ask God to help you let go of any unforgivenss in your heart (I promise I will do it too) and feel the freedom that God wants you to feel not only for releasing those people off of your back but also to know the gift of forgiveness we have been given by God Almighty!

Have a GREAT DAY!!

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