A New Life Part 2

This morning I finished the story of Ruth and I was just praising God for happy endings! I know that life does not always have happy endings but Ruth’s had such a hard beginning that the ending was worth it. From Boaz’s point of view things worked out well for him as well. He was a godly man but he was older and was not married. When Ruth asked him to be her kinsman redeemer he told her she had done a great thing for him by not going after the younger men. Boaz cared for Ruth deeply and still handled business in order by going to the nearer kinsman redeemer first. Upon finding that the nearer kinsman would have to take Ruth as well as purchase the deceased relative’s land he decided to let Boaz fill in so as to not jeapordize his own estate.

I love that at the end the genealogy is explained because we see that Ruth was part of the line of David…which is the line that gave birth to the Christ. I can imagine Ruth laying her baby on her lap and just being so grateful for the journey that God has taken her on. For her she was blessed with love and a beautiful child. Children are a great blessing (hard at times but a blessing).

Here’s a video my children and I made yesterday for fun. It’s a response to another video done by a youtuber named Kieracass. She’s another mom who is an author and has a lot of personality.

I hope you enjoy and share it!