Sweatpants High Heels and laughter

Last night was our second showing of Sweatpants and High Heels (by Dija Henry and Denise Warnsby  and directed by Densie Warnsby)  at the 2012 Divafest! We had a wonderful turnout! What I love about doing theater is that every night is a different experience with the same show. The audiences are different every night. They laugh in different places and make the experience fresh for the performance as well. I was so tired yesterday and was a little worried about my energy levels and reached out for prayer. I really believe that prayer works because once I was on stage I had the energy needed to get through the show and enjoy myself on top of it!! I was really blessed at the responses from the show and wanted to share.

Several mothers told me that they felt like the show told the struggles of motherhood with an honest and real presentation. They told me that they were close to tears at different points of the play and said they were able to relate to the story and the struggles of the character. A man said that he really needed to laugh that day and that he had been going through a really hard time. After the show he felt uplifted and his wife told me how he never usually laughs but was laughing last night. 

What’s really exciting is that these are things that my director and I prayed would happen with the show. God is good. Even our single friends were able to take something away from the play. If you are thinking of coming and wondering if it’s for you if you are not a parent, or married there is something for you! We have one more show tomorrow at 7:30pm. Here are our promo videos. Please feel free to share!



How to dress like a S.A.H.M (Stay at home mom)

I love watching fashion and beauty tutorials on youtube. I need to because I’m not very good with makeup and fashion. One thing I do know is what mom’s who stay at home can tend to wear a lot: Sweatpants or pjs. I thought it would be fun to make a tutorial for S.A.H.M’s…and this is what the idea turned into!

If you would like to see my live show. It’s coming to the Indy Fringe Theater in Indianapolis IN March 16-18th.

March 16th at 9pm

March 17th at 6pm

March 18th at 7:30pm

Ticket information and more about the show here

God Bless and I hope to see you there!!

How to make a Burlap Wreath for Fall

It’s the weekend! And that means fun crafty projects right? Right!! For those of you that know you me you know I love crafting. I used to share crafty projects once a week on my old blog and I’m excited to start up again. Please enjoy this simple, inexpensive wreath that is great to spruce up the house for fall! It was inspired by diyshowoff’s blog. I put my own twist on the idea. I hope you like it and share it!



We’ll connect next week! Blessings.

Meditation Fail

Do you ever get frustrated when you try to take some quiet time for yourself? I had a conversation with my father about taking time to be still and reflect on any aspect of God. Just myself and God. Not necessarily bible study or prayer per se…just quietly reflecting. I made a video about what I thought this attempt could look like for a mom. I was joking around here. I really do think this is an important skill to  cultivate. Enjoy!


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Roped to Unforgiveness (Get off my back!!)

Forgiveness is a huge topic in the bible. LIKE REALLY HUGE! In fact, it’s why Christ came-so we could be forgiven and come into relationship with God as His children.

I wanted to look at this topic because it’s something that I (and I’m sure many others) have to confront daily. Forgive the guy who cut you off on the highway, forgive the person who wronged you in the past, or forgive your spouse who did something to offend you…again. It’s a daily and continual issue that we must deal with.

In the book of Matthew (Matthew 18:15-35) Jesus tells the parable of the…let’s call him “TheUngratefulServantWhoCouldRepresentUsatAnytime”. There was once a servant who owed his master the millions of dollars. The master was going to sell everything he had including his family in order to pay the debt. But the servant begged for mercy and the master forgave him his debt. Later we see the servant go look for a fellow servant who owed him a few dollars and demanded his money. The second servant begged for mercy. The first servant forgot the mercy that was showed to him and had the second servant thrown into jail. The master of the first servant found out and threw him into prison to be tortured until the debt had been repaid…which would  have meant he would be tortured until death.

Looking at this parable it’s easy to see that the first servant was ungrateful and out of his mind for not showing the second servant mercy. But it can be us at any moment in time if we do not forgive others for offenses.

The greek word for forgiveness is aphiemi. It basically means walking around with the unforgiven one roped to your back. Why would anyone want to walk around with a body tied to their back? Or two or three or even a car load of unforgiven people? You see the unforgiveness will hurt you more than the other person. You will be broken down, tired, and unable to run the race of life effectively because you (or I) have a butt load of unforgivenss weighing you down.

Today ask God to help you let go of any unforgivenss in your heart (I promise I will do it too) and feel the freedom that God wants you to feel not only for releasing those people off of your back but also to know the gift of forgiveness we have been given by God Almighty!

Have a GREAT DAY!!

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Beauty from Ashes

One of my favorite accounts in the bible tells the story of Job. A man who was blameless, upright, feared God and was really REALLY wealthy (Job 1:1-5)! He shunned evil and offered sacrifices  and prayed for his ten children continually. Satan happened to be going to and fro on the earth looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Satan stood before God to make a petition to test Job. Satan accused Job of being faithful simply because God had blessed him. God allowed Satan to test Job except he was not allowed to kill Job. In one day Job experienced the death of all of his children, his livestock, and his servants. But Job’s response was this: “The Lord gives and takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Satan became even more determined and said that Job would surely curse God if he touched his flesh. So satan struck Job with painful boils from “the sole of his foot to the crown of his head”. Job then went and took a piece of pottery to scrape himself while he sat in ashes. Although the scriptures express that Job was so depressed that he wished he had never been born, it also says “in all this Job did not sin with his lips” (Job 2:9)

Throughout Job’s circumstance he did not curse God. In the account of Job he is told by his wife to curse God and die. He is accused by his friends of sinning (which wasn’t true). Job converses with God wanting an answer for his troubles. I used to wonder what was the purpose of Job’s predicament? Why did he have to go through all of this? But like Joseph said: what was intended for evil God meant for good, we see God reveal more of himself to Job. God reveals His Omnipotence to Job in Job 38-39. Job sees that he is nothing in the presence of the Lord in Job 42.

“I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear

But now my eye sees You.

Therefore I abhor myself

And repent in dust and ashes”

(Job 42:5)

Job had an encounter with His God that was deeper and more amazing than what he had experienced before. God restored Job’s losses after he prayed for his friends and blessed his latter days more than his beginning. God restored his relationships, his wealth and his family. But I believe that through this trial the most precious thing he gained was a richness in his relationship with God, a closeness that he had never experienced before. Job lived 140 more years more intamently with God than before!

“So Job died, old and full of days” meaning he had a full life at the end of his days.

If you are struggling through something today do not despair for at the end God will reveal something so beautiful to you that you could never have imagined!

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