What I’ve been up to

I hope that you are doing well today. I wanted to post really quick to let you know that I have been MIA because I’m working on redesigning my site and moving over to wordpress.org (as well as recovering from being rear ended twice in 3 weeks, having a sick kid, and getting sick myself.) Excuses Excuses, right?

So far I have moved over to wordpress.org but still am working on the redesign. It’ is taking a while since I’m not a programmer thus causing me to spend lot’s of time researching, asking my programmer husband lot’s of annoying questions and such. So far I’m learning a lot and feel very inspired to keep moving forward.

I’m also working on doing something I’ve been wanting to do since 2006 which is start selling handmade items online! I’ve been selling handmade cards here and there over the years but haven’t taken it seriously until recently. This fall I will have a little more time during the day as my oldest is in 3rd grade, next is in 1st grade and my little one will be in pre-school a few days a week. I’m pretty excited/nervous/excited about being able to spend time on something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. (I forgot to add blessed.)

I’m hoping that when the construction (or re-construction) dust settles I can be more focused and provide a better quality blog for my readers.

I will post when I can here however, I want to get the other site up ASAP so I need to focus on that. I have so many ideas to blog about and share which is totally motivating me to get this blog move finished!